BoldMove Nation delivers on promise to create happy worlds at IAAPA Expo

Announcing strategic alliance Immersive Theming & Media Group, new FUSION dark ride and awards for Smash & Reload

Brussels, 4 October 2023 - BoldMove Nation is pleased to deliver upon its 'Creating Happy Worlds' mission at IAAPA Expo in Vienna. The themed booth featured a charming Viennese market place setting in cheerful BoldMove colours. The team hereby demonstrated their capabilities in tailoring theming design services to local cultures. ​ ​ The company successfully launched its new FUSION interactive midway dark ride, and signed up the new strategic Immersive Theming & Media Group with Polymorph and Eye-Opener. Following the successful cooperation with Champi'Folies, the Group now 'makes a splash' with a second project at Le PAL: immersive theming for the queue line of the new water ride Fjord Explorer.

The family dark ride Champi'Folies, based on BoldMove's Smash & Reload platform, that opened in the French park Le PAL earlier this year was on display and received the European Star Award in the category 'Best Family Attraction'. The ride was also nominated four times in the Park World Excellence Award, including 'Best Use of Theming', 'Best Dark Ride' and 'Best Product Innovation'. The interactive dark ride is the result of a partnership with Triotech for the ride system and interactivity, Polymorph for TooMush IP and gameplay and Eye-Opener for theming, based on BoldMove's experience and ride design.

Another great recognition for Champi'Folies is the parkscout plus Award in the category Europe’s Best New Attractions in 2023, completely elected by park fans. Congratulations to Le PAL, all BoldMove partners and team!

Star Award for Europe's Best Family Attraction 2023
Star Award for Europe's Best Family Attraction 2023
Parkscout plus Award in the category Europe’s Best New Attractions in 2023
Parkscout plus Award in the category Europe’s Best New Attractions in 2023

Watch the aftermovie of the IAAPA Expo in Vienna here:

CEO Benoit Cornet comments: "The response has been very positive during IAAPA and shows that we have been listening to our customers with solutions that fit their needs. Starting out with Smash & Reload a few years back, we have defined our creative voice through attractions that appeal to all ages with a high fun level and easy gameplay, combining heavy theming and closely matching media for a more immersive impact. The customer and visitor satisfaction are what matter most to us, and we are very happy with their continued confidence and partnership."

BoldMove launched at IAAPA its new and exciting FUSION interactive media dark ride, which blends the highly addictive and fun gameplay of midway style dark rides with an immersive theming and super plot twist towards the end. A classic dark ride ride hit is being revisited using the latest technologies in interactivity, gameplay, AI and AV. The new ride gives evidence to BoldMove's vision to 'realize bold ideas with smart moves'. FUSION offers a multi-faceted approach so players of all ages and skill levels can enjoy a fun and action-based experience in a stunning environment. By combining an effective 2 rows back-to-back vehicle set-up with a multilayered gameplay we obtain the best recipe for an unforgettable journey.

The design of FUSION fully capitalises on BoldMove's strategic alliance ​into 'Immersive Theming & Media Group' together with long-lasting partner Polymorph and with Eye-Opener. By joining forces, the three partners offer a unique turnkey approach for themed rides and attractions, fully integrating media, design and production. For theme park and leisure venue owners this means a more streamlined process, saving time and costs while maximizing creativity. With these combined capabilities, the team offers experience design as well as planning and theming for dark rides, water rides, coasters and park areas. By synchronizing physical and digital theming with technology components, parks can offer their visitors next-level immersive experiences throughout the entire attraction or themed area.

Anja D'Hondt, Managing Partner and Queen of Happy Hearts at BoldMove: "Our integrated approach engages all partners from the creative concept phase, with consistent quality throughout the entire project. We are all very excited about the opportunities this new alliance opens, and the benefits it brings to our customers!"


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BoldMove Nation creates Happy Worlds by combining emotion and technology into unique immersive experiences. The team designs bespoke family media rides and attractions up to operation, with compelling stories and theming to fit each venue. Smash & Reload is a double fun & action media dark ride that can be built on compact spaces with super-high throughput, featuring fun stories like the proprietary TooMush IP, Marsupilami and Dalton brothers. Raptor Expedition is a thrilling phygital walkthrough on a mysterious island to discover dinosaurs through the many AR portals. Other indoor solutions include WaterSlider VR and phygital VR escape rooms for parks and FECs.  

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