New FUSION dark ride blends theming and gameplay into stunning immersive experience

BoldMove presents the best of both worlds to move park visitors - IAAPA Expo, Booth B2125

Brussels, 22 September 2023 - BoldMove announces at IAAPA its new FUSION interactive media dark ride. It blends the highly addictive and fun gameplay of midway style dark rides with an immersive theming and super plot twist towards the end. A classic dark ride ride hit is being revisited using the latest technologies in interactivity, gameplay, A.I. and AV. The new ride gives evidence to BoldMove's vision to 'realize bold ideas with smart moves'.

The ride surface of FUSION has been optimized to remain under 1,000m2, accommodating a series of captivating scenes which add to the immersive experience. High-quality theming and flexible media upgrades guarantee a sustainable attraction that will last for decades. The distinctive back to back seating arrangement provides the players with a unique game experience using fixed interactive devices. Besides being particularly engaging, FUSION also boasts an incredible throughput of over 900 persons per hour. To their most acclaimed interactive setup, the team adds fully themed and multi-sensory environments featuring media, light & sound, projection and the A.I. technologies.

High-quality midway attraction for all ages

The first IP for FUSION takes players on a hilarious mission to stop robotic fluffy creatures stealing candy in an “Art Nouveau” style factory. The players are brought from one scene to the other throwing all kind of projectiles to stop the nasty creatures plundering the candy production. This IP appeals to a wide public and the fixed devices used to throw the virtual ammunition are easy to operate by even the youngest players.

The design of FUSION fully capitalises on BoldMove's strategic alliance ​ into 'Immersive Theming & Media Group' together with long-lasting partner Polymorph and with Eye-Opener. Three companies join forces to combine experience design, theming & production and media into a turnkey solution. Clients can enjoy a fully integrated approach instead of subcontracting to third parties. The team also works closely together with the park's local contractors and technical experts. All this results in a stunning attraction, from visual and engaging perspective, that will move all senses.

BoldMove's CEO Benoit Cornet explains: "We do believe in infusing proven and popular recipes with new creative perspectives and the exciting yet proven technologies. Visitors want to be immersed in an environment they can enjoy together with their friends and family. However they do not want to bother with complex storylines or actions, just embark in their vehicle and get fully submersed in an engaging experience like a theatre or movie. Our creative process starts with this in mind and then defines all required ingredients to make it a successful attraction."

"FUSION proves to be the ideal solution for a high-quality midway attraction with a multi-faceted approach so players of all ages and skill levels can enjoy a fun and action-based experience in a stunning environment. By combining an effective 2 rows back-to-back vehicle set-up with a multilayered gameplay we obtain the best recipe for an unforgettable journey!" concludes Cornet.


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