Triotech and Benoit Cornet’s BoldMove announce breakthrough collaboration

Triotech and Benoit Cornet’s BoldMove announce breakthrough collaboration

Joining forces to increase client-value with creative media-based attractions

Montreal, September 30 , 2020 - Triotech announces a breakthrough collaboration with Benoit Cornet and his company BoldMove. Their refreshing collaborative approach to media-based attractions will increase value to clients by creating exciting visitor experiences. The cooperation will leverage the transformative trends in parks and location-based entertainment venues as well as retailtainment in shopping malls. Emphasis will also be put on the covid challenges the market is facing.

Benoit Cornet, Founder and creative force behind BoldMove and previously Alterface, has an extensive expertise in interactive ride technology. He brings a deep understanding of the amusement parks and LBE ecosystem particularly in Europe. His latest venture, BoldMove, will now cooperate with Triotech on ideation, technology and business development leveraging Benoit’s market knowledge.

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Ernest Yale, Triotech Founder and CEO states: “I have known Benoit for several years and we have always pushed each other to come up with better solutions for our clients. Before it was a competitive spirit that drove us, now it will be based on teamwork and collaboration.”

“For my next step, I want to help parks and operators create amazing visitor experiences. Our mission with BoldMove is to merge creativity and technology into fun and immersive attractions. Adding Triotech to our network of trusted partners will allow us to better serve clients and develop true turnkey solutions,” says Benoit Cornet, Founder and CEO of BoldMove. “Triotech is a recognized authority in interactivity, gaming, and fun attractions. These happen to be strong trends and needs in our industry, which makes Triotech a perfect partner for BoldMove.”

Together, Ernest Yale and Benoit Cornet represent over forty years of combined entrepreneurial experience in the attractions industry. Their work has been recognized with numerous industry awards and both have been named to Blooloop’s Top 50 industry influencers. As such, they are recognized visionaries and working together will reinforce their leadership position in innovative and tailored turnkey attractions.

About Triotech
Triotech is the creator of award winning immersive and interactive media-based attractions for the entertainment market. With more than 415 installations in over 65 countries across all continents, over 135 million guests have lived a Triotech experience over the last decade. The team creates attractions such as Interactive Theatres, Interactive Dark Rides, 4D Theaters, VR attractions, Flying Theaters, Walkthroughs and Dark Coasters. Triotech offers integrated turnkey solutions for digital attractions including content developed in its own studio in Montreal, Canada. Founded in 1999, Triotech is a privately held company with over 200 employees deployed in Canada, France, the USA, and Asia. In 2019, Triotech acquired CL Corporation from Rennes, France, a company that specializes in immersive attractions.

About BoldMove
Founded by Benoit ‘Ben’ Cornet, BoldMove is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. The mission is to Create Happier Worlds, by liberating creativity and fun through vendor-independent support to theme parks and leisure venues. An expert team creates and builds exciting attractions with high and fast ROI, including solutions like Smash & Reload, TooMush IP, AR Hunts. Fully customized attractions can be designed and built with the latest AR, VR and AI technologies. As previous Founder & CEO of Alterface, Benoit pioneered the interactive and rotating theatre, and rolled out the non-linear Erratic Ride, which was awarded as most innovative technology in the industry. In 2019, Ben was listed in Blooloop’s Top 50 industry influencers as a recognition for his creative contribution to the industry. He has been an active TEA Board Member since many years. More information on




About BoldMove Nation

Together with a strong network of expert partners, BoldMove Nation creates Happier Worlds for leisure, tourist and retail venues. Media-based attractions are based on proven technologies and fun gameplay around compelling stories for immersive visitor experiences. With the customer interest at heart, the BoldMove Nation team offers turnkey creative and experience design services from master planning to implementation. Houba City is the first indoor Urban Experience Centre to combine a mix of challenging VR, AR and Mixed-Media attractions in a strongly themed environment. Besides custom-built rides and indoor parks, BoldMove offers the double-action Smash & Reload dark ride family, Sing & Rise karaoke ride and Hybrid AR Quest.
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