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In our PEEK-A-BOO blog series you will find an in-depth view into the creation and building of the first Smash & Reload with TooMush IP. Champi'Folies is an interactive media dark ride that is now open in attraction and animal park Le PAL, located in the French Auvergne region. Discover the Mushie universe, how we blend virtual and phyisical environments, how A.I. is applied to the gameplay and so much more!

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About BoldMove Nation

Together with a strong network of expert partners, BoldMove Nation creates Happy Worlds by combining emotion and technology into unique immersive experiences. The team designs bespoke family media rides and attractions up to operation, with compelling stories and theming to fit each venue. Smash & Reload is a double fun & action media dark ride that can be built on compact spaces with super-high throughput, featuring fun stories like the proprietary TooMush IP, Marsupilami and Dalton brothers. Raptor Expedition is a thrilling phygital walkthrough on a mysterious island to discover dinosaurs through the many AR portals. Other indoor solutions include WaterSlider VR and phygital VR escape rooms for parks and FECs.  

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