BoldMove launches immersive Houba Discovery Store+ at LeisurUp/Mapic - booth R7.D2

New retailtainment concept develops in partnership with Celebrating Life, complements existing FEC Houba solutions

Brussels, 24 November 2021 - Following the successful launch of the Houba World & City family experience centres, BoldMove Nation expands the Houba family with a new addition: Houba Discovery Store+. This new and smaller version has been developed in close partnership with the French based 'Celebrating Life' consortium of experience experts in retailtainment, both in France and internationally. IP Owner Mediatoon Licensing remains a loyal partner of the Marsupilami themed entertainment solutions.

Houba Discovery Store+ blends a mainstream retail offer with an innovative 'Immersive Bubble' fun zone. Designed to fit a 600m2+ area, it includes a large comic strip store featuring the extended range of Marsupilami merchandising. The other half houses a selection of compact and mostly media-based attractions with a workshop zone. All activities are designed to resonate on social networks, such as the photo booth zone, but more importantly to attract customers and extend the shopping and fun experience. This latter part is mainly achieved through the use of a Marsupilami themed metaverse featuring BoldMove's AR Hybrid Quest technology. The quest is performed on the player's own smartphones and guides them across the mall or leisure venue with several augmented reality enabled assignments. They can earn bonus points, vouchers and other encouragements to lead them towards the various shops and activation stations, but very importantly also gain access to the Immersive Bubble. This interactive experience guarantees superfun activities for kids of all ages and their family members. ​

Across the venue and in spaces becoming available, other Marsupilami attractions can be installed, permanently or temporarily, like VR Rafting in a real boat, a 4D Cinema, VR Escape room, Karaoke Sing & AR Dance attraction, AR running track and so much more - all themed around the Palombian jungle and the Marsupilami family. This can be complemented with fitting food trucks, cultural and seasonal activities.

BoldMove's creative and technology visionary Benoit Cornet has been building interactive dark rides, theatres and walkthrough installations for over 20 years in theme parks and leisure venues across the globe. He states: "Our Houba concepts are not just another playground or FEC concept, they bring together innovative yet also appropriate technologies in an immersive all-family experience. We develop compelling stories around each attraction and across the entire premises, fuelled with dynamic media content, interactive, AR & VR technologies. The intention is for everyone to simply have fun and enjoy their time together, bolstering family and sustainability values. Therefore we develop our media content and gameplay in a very user-friendly way so young and old can bond and develop their personal skills."

BoldMove partner and Founder of Celebrating Life Thibault Paquin has gained with his consortium years of retail market and experience expertise. He explains why he teams up with BoldMove Nation to develop and market this concept: "We have excellent experiences with the Marsupilami IP and its publishing house, and strongly believe the retail market needs more dynamic visitor experiences to revive their spaces. And who else than our colleagues from the entertainment market are better placed to bring this into retail environments? We share BoldMove's vision to develop holistic and immersive experiences with a fun theme and compelling story rather than a solitary VR attraction. We therefore see great applications and opportunities for Houba Discovery Store+ at shopping malls and leisure venues to re-attract visitors to their premises, entertaining and retaining them with exciting and innovative experiences."

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Anja D’Hondt, Managing Partner & Queen of Happy Hearts [email protected] +32-468-231005

Benoit Cornet, CEO & Captain of Creative Minds [email protected] +32-473-815581

About BoldMove Nation ​ ​
Together with a strong network of expert partners, BoldMove Nation creates Happier Worlds for leisure, tourist and retail venues. Media-based attractions are based on proven technologies and fun gameplay around compelling stories for immersive visitor experiences. With the customer interest at heart, the BoldMove Nation team offers turnkey creative and experience design services from master planning to implementation. Houba City is the first indoor Urban Experience Centre to combine a mix of challenging VR, AR and Mixed-Media attractions in a strongly themed environment. Besides custom-built dark rides and indoor parks, BoldMove offers the double-action Smash & Reload dark ride family, Sing & Rise Dance and AR Hybrid Quest. ​ ​
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About Celebrating Life
Celebrating Life is a French incubator for meaningful leisure and entertainment concepts. Together with some of the most talented experts, Celebrating Life develops innovative and creative solutions to engage audiences and activate places (shopping malls, mixed-use developments, stadiums, hotels, etc) with moving and meaningful content. In the areas of immersive experiences, edutainment, artainment and active leisure, the Celebrating Life collective explores the winning propositions of tomorrow and provides support, from ideation to testing and scaling. ​
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About BoldMove Nation

Together with a strong network of expert partners, BoldMove Nation creates Happy Worlds by combining emotion and technology into unique immersive experiences. The team designs bespoke family media rides and attractions up to operation, with compelling stories and theming to fit each venue. Smash & Reload is a double fun & action media dark ride that can be built on compact spaces with super-high throughput, featuring fun stories like the proprietary TooMush IP, Marsupilami and Dalton brothers. Raptor Expedition is a thrilling phygital walkthrough on a mysterious island to discover dinosaurs through the many AR portals. Other indoor solutions include WaterSlider VR and phygital VR escape rooms for parks and FECs.  

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