BoldMove brings Dark Ride back to its Essence

Expert team shows extensive product portfolio at IAAPA Expo in Barcelona, on booth 2-1584

Brussels, 21 September - Together with its expert team, BoldMove Nation will demonstrate its design services and product portfolio live at IAAPA Expo in Barcelona on booth 2-1584. Booth partners include Polymorph for media production & VR, Chauvet Professional who is installing all show lighting on the booth, Mediatoon Licensing for the Marsupilami IP, and AdventureLAB as expert in Integrated Storytelling. Author Klaus Sommer Paulsen presents his new book in Meet & Greet sessions every afternoon between 2.45pm and 3.45pm on the booth.

"With our Smash & Reload family we bring the dark ride back to its very essence: a fun visitor experience, uncompromized and unconditional." says Benoit Cornet, CEO of BoldMove Nation, who based the concept design on twenty years of interactive and awarded dark ride expertise. Smash & Reload is conceived in such a way that it guarantees fun for all ages. Mixed family squads can just aim and enjoy the high energy and colorful surrounding from their rotatable vehicles. More advanced players discover new dimensions in the gameplay and build a high score to challenge themselves and their friends. The storyline is easy to understand yet engaging enough to get drawn into the action. The Smash & Reload show control and detection technology is well hidden from the eye of the players to accomodate a smooth ride and fun experience. But also on installation side BoldMove has taken the concerns of smaller parks into consideration by centralizing most cabling and technology in a central unit, easy to access and maintain. With its amazing visitor capacity on a small footprint, both versions of Smash & Reload offer the best price to throughput ratio across the industry.

"Smash & Reload is smart in technology and in gameplay, it can stand alone as an eye catching ride and can also be integrated in a themed area. The fancy light and impressive sound technology will draw the attention from outside spectators, feeling the vibes and thrills from a distance. We are pleased to work closely with two key expert partners, Triotech for show control and ride system, and Polymorph for media production and gameplay. Both will also be supporting us at IAAPA Expo." 

On the booth, BoldMove will show the ride dynamics in a miniature 3D-version and also demonstrate the latest design and development of its proprietary TooMush IP.

Transmedia Experiences
The BoldMove expert team has developed an extensive portfolio of products based on its expertise in dark rides, media content and technologies, alongside integration of IP and integrated storytelling, up to business and operations strategy. All components and modules are fully scalable to fit leisure venues and visitor profiles but the team is also up for any creative challenge to create tailored rides and experiences.

Other products on show include Houba City and Houba World, two indoor park solutions offering a mix of activational attractions for an immersive experience amongst the cutest Marsupilami friends. In Houba City visitors can find their own urban style, working on personal development and expressing their creativity at recurring workshops in the Houba Academy.The concept plan is designed at 1500 square meters and comprises 12 media-based attractions, but is fully scalable to fit smaller or larger spaces. Furthermore, the mix of attractions can be adjusted to each location and audience. The new and innovative pop-up format features a distributed approach, allowing shopping malls or other venues to spread attractions over different available or empty spaces. After a certain period, attractions can be replaced or easily moved to other locations, similar to a traveling interactive Expo. Partner Mediatoon Licensing will also be on the booth, alongside a little 'Marsu Shop' with merchandising samples.

AR Hybrid Quest is defined as a “phygital” attraction, being a mix of activities which take place in ‘Physical’ spaces (park, shopping mall or any other venue) and ‘Digital’ actions on the internet, social networks or websites. This mixed reality game takes place in a dedicated or themed area, which is entered via a virtual gate at a physical location and finishes in a themed treasure room. Inbetween, guests are guided to different physical places (‘stations’) with virtual assignments. Besides an engaging and superfun way to discover the park, this interactive treasure hunt offers a lot of opportunities for promotional and loyalty programs, and helps to optimize visitor flows and existing infrastructure. The entire AR Hybrid Quest is done on the visitor’s own smartphone, so no specific devices are required to distribute, track, clean and maintain, making it a totally worry-free solution. ​ Besides the Marsupilami and TooMush IP, a wild west and dino theme can be applied, as well as custom-designed characters or more seasonal solutions.

The team looks forward to discussing new and innovative approaches with peers, friends and partners at IAAPA Expo!





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About BoldMove Nation

Together with a strong network of expert partners, BoldMove Nation creates Happy Worlds by combining emotion and technology into unique immersive experiences. The team designs bespoke family media rides and attractions up to operation, with compelling stories and theming to fit each venue. Smash & Reload is a double fun & action media dark ride that can be built on compact spaces with super-high throughput, featuring fun stories like the proprietary TooMush IP, Marsupilami and Dalton brothers. Raptor Expedition is a thrilling phygital walkthrough on a mysterious island to discover dinosaurs through the many AR portals. Other indoor solutions include WaterSlider VR and phygital VR escape rooms for parks and FECs.  

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